Piston Manufacturers

PISTONS are manufactured in new alloy of exceptional wear resistance at working temperatures. The high conductivity of this material advances cool running and the light yet robust design guarantees effective activity over expanded periods. Resistance to wear ring grooves, skirt, and gudgeon pinhole is significantly expanded. To guarantee dimensional strength in assistance, all combination piston castings are accurately heat treated and aged.

Being a finest manufacturer and exporter of Pistons and Piston Ring, we work in manufacturing these pistons in specially crafts and measurements to fulfill the determinations and needs of our clients over the World. Every one of our Pistons are made with severe adherence to international standards and can be utilized as OEM replacements over a wide range of vehicles.

We manufacture a wide range of pistons that can be utilized in current inward ignition motors. Our manufacturing expertise permits us to design and produce aluminum piston to expanding loads through cutting edge development of materials and metal-matrix technologies.

Types of Pistons

Piston Ring Manufacturers

PISTON RINGS are individually cast and close material control ensures high tensile strength, resistance to wear and scuffing and to collapse at operating temperatures. Each Piston Ring is double turned, barrel honed and ground to maximum accuracy for smoother performance and low fuel consumption.

AECO Products as noticeable piston ring manufacturers made piston rings according to piston and cylinder measurements and particulars to suit different gas services. Exact diameters with appropriate gaps help users to achieve best possible results while in operation under tough conditions.

AECO Products remains ahead among the main piston ring manufacturers. By offering premium quality mechanical items, we are perceived as the dependable suppliers of piston rings in India and across the world. To ensure high-quality and best performance, we offer an extensive range of products ensuring thousands of applications in any engine. Some of the prime applications are automotive, heavy-duty engines, tractors, stationary engines etc…

Piston rings are delivered for the support of cylinder and combustion pressure of an automobile. Their actual role lies in the avoidance of oil from seeping into the combustion chamber and sealing in the air and fuel to compress them.

The top ring is the main ring called the compression ring. It helps the sucker with playing out the combustion cycle consequently, keeping it from losing any pressing factor. It keeps up the structure of pressing factor when the sucker arrives at the highest point of the stroke and this is conceivable on the grounds that it goes about as a boundary.

The secondary ring is a backup compression ring with a marginally more tight tolerance consequently, helping top compression ring in fixing the combustion chamber.

The oil ring is the last ring which functions alongside the sucker inside the motor in lubrication of cylinder, walls, suckers, rings and wrist pins. It keeps the oil from the combustion cycle and furthermore helps in thermal control by cooling the piston and coordinating oil around it.

Piston Ring Manufacturers