Air Cooled Cylinder Liners

Honeycomb Cylinder Liners are designed for use in air cooled engines. This type of cylinder liner is also called winged / honeycomb cylinder liner.

It is manufactured from high quality, alloy cast iron material that is resistant to abrasion to ensure long life and efficient cooling. The liner does not require additional treatment and can be used immediately after it is attached to the Cylinder Block. It is also possible to remove and install the without removing engine from the vehicle. Even in most air-cooled engines, the cylinder covers are independent from each other and the engine can be made operational in a short time by performing very fast replacement / repair. This type of liner is designed for an air cooled engine.

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head

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Manufacturing of Cylinder Head needs high precision tooling and equipments and all other relevant manufacturing processes which are carried out in house to ensure high quality products. Each Cylinder Head is passed through extensive quality control tests to ensure there are leak and crack free.

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