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Crankshaft Manufacturers

Crankshafts are the primary rotating parts of an engine that are introduced on a connecting rod and can change over the here and there development into a roundabout development of the connecting rod. Normally, in the forged crankshaft manufacturing, a billet of appropriate size is given a warmth treatment till they require forging temperature and then it is progressively beat or squeezed into the required shape by squeezing the billet between a couple of dies under high pressure. If there are complex shapes or extreme deformations to be achieved, then, more than a set of dies are needed to get the task done and accomplish the right shaping. Crankshafts can be cast or forged.

AECO Engineering offer Forged and Tractor Crankshafts in standard and with custom specifications which are precision machined, lighter in weight and accompany superior inherent dampening features.

Our company has state-of-art manufacturing facilities to configuration, manufacture and supply crankshafts produced from forging and S.G. Iron castings scope from single cylinder to multi cylinder.

Crankshafts are perfectly tested on various qualities of parameters to maintain high quality.

We can also supply FORGINGS and CASTINGS as per client requirements.

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