Engine Valve Guides

AECO Products also offers a wide scope of Valve Guides for Gasoline and Diesel Engines consists of a wide variety of sizes and configurations. A valve guide to function optimally it should be made from correct material. Perfection in dimensions and measurements allows the valve steam to optimal clearance in the valve guide.

VALVE GUIDES are made from two types of material

Grey Cast Iron


Dark CAST IRON: of prelatic structure with high phosphorous content. The prelatic structure and the reticular phosphate circulation along with the good graphite formation give high wear resistance and improved running properties in helpless lubrication condition.

CuZnAl: Alloy guides have fantastic wear resistance and low coefficient of friction. Utilized for most elevated focused on aides. All our Cast Iron Aides are manufactured having at least hardness of 95 HRB (210 BHN).

Valve Guide