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Engine Cylinder Sleeves Manufacturers

We have built up a broad scope of motor parts that fulfill the worldwide guidelines of OEMs just as the global Replacement Market. Our motor segments are utilized in driving Indian, American, Japanese, German and other European automobile models. Every one of our items are made precisely according to unique determinations, dimensionally and metallurgically.

Motor Cylinder sleeves share essentially same characteristics like cylinder liners, for instance motor cylinder sleeves have high wear obstruction properties and eat up less oil during the action.

Engine Cylinder sleeves share practically same qualities like cylinder liners, like engine cylinder sleeves have high wear obstruction properties and devour less oil during the activity.

With seventy years of involvement with manufacturing products, greatness and quality has developed significantly. We lay solid accentuation on the nature of material utilized for our products and the material goes through different test at our labs before being utilized for the creation.

We at AECO Products additionally manufacturers engine cylinder sleeves which are utilized for fast repair of harmed worn motor blocks. Our engine cylinder sleeves help spare the square if there should arise an occurrence of extreme shape wear, break, scored and harms. The installation of repair sleeve frequently spares the square and thus, exhausting out the harmed cylinder is the prime choice. To keep from wear, we produce radically casted cylinder sleeves imparted with wanted strength over the cylinder. These are fabricated utilizing the most recent innovation to give perfect bore which is totally huge to help the presentation of your motor.

AECO Products provide diverse designs of fully finished & pre-honed cylinder liners in different sizes, which can be fitted directly in engines with no external machining required before or after its fitment.

Our company develops any type or size of fully finished Cylinder Liners & Sleeves which fitted directly in engines with no further machining required before or after its fitment.

Our aim is to assure the best quality of our products and to reach that we follow rigorous quality assurance process. We have invested in like different special Gauges, Roughness Tester, Slip Gauges, Height Gauges, Metallurgical Microscope, Spectrometer Hardness Tester, and Roundness Tester and so on to help our QA group do the best work. On-site Spectrometer causes us keep up our chemical composition for each casting group confirming to the I.S.S., B.S.S. or then again ASTM determinations gave by our customers. We additionally have a cutting edge Laser-Marking machine to encourage legitimate part marking and identification.

*We can cast material compositions using Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Copper, Boron or as per customer specifications meeting to international standards.

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