Cylinder Liners / Sleeve Manufacturing Facilities

AECO Products offers Cylinder Liners suitable for Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Compressor, Generators. We likewise assemble and fare customer driven auto cylinder liners according to customers required details, drawings or tests.

AECO manufactures Cylinder Liners in gray cast iron utilizing centrifugal casting. Even unique chemical compositions are used to ensure corrosion resistance properties and upgraded lubrication. Centrifugal Casting cycle is known to be the best technique for Cylinder Liners Manufacturers. In centrifugal casting, a permanent mold is rotate constantly about its axis at high speeds as the liquid metal is poured. The centrifugal power causes the metal circulate itself uniformly around the die. The resulting casting is a fine-grained casting with a very fine-grained outer diameter, owing to chilling against the mould surface. Impurities and inclusions float to the surface of the inside diameter, which can be machined away.

Production Capacity
  • 1.5 million Pieces for each annum
  • Bore Diameter : 50.00 to 230.00
  • Complete Length : 110.00 to 330
  • Hardness (BHN) : 240

Our aim is to assure the best quality of our products and to reach that we follow rigorous quality assurance process. We have invested in like different special Gauges, Roughness Tester, Slip Gauges, Height Gauges, Metallurgical Microscope, Spectrometer Hardness Tester, Roundness Tester and so on to help our QA group do the best work. On-site Spectrometer causes us keep up our chemical composition for each casting group confirming to the I.S.S., B.S.S. or then again ASTM determinations gave by our customers. We additionally have a cutting edge Laser-Marking machine to encourage legitimate part marking and identification.

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